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James Winstanley's massage technique is by far the most healing and regenerating method available. Everything else pales in comparison. I look forward to my treatments immensely and recommend him to my friends and clients all the time!
Natalia Rose.
Author & Clincial Nutritionist.
When I asked James to give me the Ayurvedic Yoga Treatment I had not had Physiotherapy for a while because I was traveling and had not been at home for several month. With a spinal cord injury at the C5 level ( Quadroplegia ) I approached the treatment cautiously. But I was pleasantly surprised to find James careful, intuitive medically very competent and knowledgeable and most of all able to adjust the treatment to the Need of his client -- a fact which someone in my condition appreciates. Since I have had AYM Treatments in Europe and am sure that James is the best AYM Therapist one can get.
Dorothea Haditirto
Before James, I had never heard of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. It's amazing -- like multiple stress relieving treatments all in one. A session with James turns the world right side up!
Sarma Melngailis.
Restaurant Proprietor and Raw Food Chef.
Healing Hands
There are those who settle for doing their job by routine, and those who maintain their integrity and sense of purpose, and touch you to the core. James Winstanley – he’s like that. Touching you to the core, with healing hands.
I was fortunate to meet James Winstanley when I was randomly assigned to him at a high-end spa he was working at. It was a time in my life of great stress, and when I arrived at the decision to invest in a morning at this spa, I hoped for nothing more than a break for three precious hours. But from the moment my massage began, I could tell that something different was going on here. It was the first of many time since that I have been brought back closer to my self by James Winstanley’s healing hands. I don’t pretend to be a convert to the therapeutic Aruveydic practice that he personifies. But I do know that of all the things that help center my soul, a routine massage with James Winstanley centers both body & soul. And I can begin my life again. Centered and at peace. James is a gift.
Nancy Austin
Since I opened Bikram Yoga Williamsburg in 2004, James has been "an essential part of the equation" for healing, balance, and spiritual renewal in my life. He has taken care many of my students and colleagues and has brought relief to us all - and we bless him for it! James has that rare combination of excellent technique and intuitive understanding, both serving a loving heart that holds a powerful intention to heal. I love that old phrase, "the proof is in the pudding"- such is the case with James' work- it just works!
John Golterman.
Studio Owner and Yoga Teacher.

James Winstanley and Kusum Modak